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Happy Thanksgiving!

Typical Stout Family Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have just completed the illustrations to a new book. It’s Tyler’s Third Act by Mick Garris.

Mick has been a friend of mine for most of my life. We both got into the film business at roughly the same time. Mick has become a noted screen writer and film director, especially in the horror film genre. His credits include The Shining, The Stand, Sleepwalkers, Psycho IV and Riding the Bullet. He is the creator of the Masters of Horror series for Showtime.

We have been dying to work together as long as we’ve known each other (Mick’s shooting so many of his pics in Canada and our conflicting schedules hampered our best efforts to collaborate). Tyler’s Third Act has finally given us this chance.

The book will be published as a very limited edition by Cemetery Dance Publications ( As is typical with Cemetery Dance books, this small tome will probably sell out prior to publication.

I’ve designed the covers, endpapers (see above) and have drawn about two dozen new illustrations especially for this book.

Tyler’s Third Act is a chilling tale about Hollywood, the internet and…body parts.


Er…Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. This is Great! The two of you sound like a superb match for a novel. Mick Garris’ recent interview web series, Post Mortem on Fearnet is fascinating and shows his background in the horror business. This will be a treat, Bill. Thanks for letting us know!

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