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CTNx: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Yesterday was the first of my three days at CTNx (Creative Talent Network Expo), an animation and visual effects trade show in Burbank (for location details, see “Appearances” on this site). It’s a great place for animators and other talents who would like to work in animation (and related fields) to pick up work, get their portfolios evaluated and make important contacts. The show is already a huge success. Every single panel talk is sold out (although certain levels of CTNx membership still allow you access).

I saw lots of great friends there, many of whom I have worked with on various film and television projects; we’re already planning to do more together! That’s one of the things that makes shows like this so fun and important to me. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with the great Bobby Chiu, a terrific artist, instructor and businessperson. As a result of our meeting, we have just begun planning to do some instructional projects together around the world.

This morning I’ll be taping an interview for CTNx; today at noon I’ll be signing books at the Nucleus Gallery booth. On Sunday at 2:30 PM I am on a panel with Terryl Whitlatch and my old friend Jim Gurney. The panel will focus on creature design. I am eager to meet Terryl; I really admire her fine animal drawings.

I hope to see lots of you, dear Journal readers, at the CTN expo both today and tomorrow. If you get a chance, come by my table, pick up some books and prints, get some advice, or just stop by to briefly say “Hi” and chat.

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  1. Wish I could be there. I loved Terryl Whitlatch’s work in The Wildlife of Star Wars. If you get any pictures please post some here.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

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