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European Stout Fans: Unite!

"Observing my morning stretch?"

OH BOY (AGAIN!)! I hope I get to see all of my European fans at my appearance this weekend in the Netherlands town of Breda for Strip Festival Breda 2011. I’ll be there with my Flesk Publications friends Mark Schultz, Gary Gianni, Craig Elliott and Petar Meseldzija. Come meet us all!

I look forward to putting faces to the names of all the kind folks who have sent me my many international orders as well as my much appreciated fan mail.

Europe (I’ll also be visiting Belgium and Italy)! Woo hoo!

3 thoughts on “European Stout Fans: Unite!

  1. Bill,

    Another hot babe…….I’m beginning to see a pattern…..and hopefully a new book in the offing.


  2. Bill,

    It is a treat to see so many great illustrations consecutively!

    If I may ask… are the last three color illustrations completed in watercolors, markers, or a combination of both?


  3. Hi Lee,
    Sorry for the delay in answering you; I just got back from three weeks in Europe.

    I NEVER use markers or dyes (especially Dr. Martin’s); they’re not permanent (they quickly fade) and the Dr. Martin reds fluoresce, fool the camera and photograph as brown.

    I aim for permanence (I want happy collectors). Those pieces I posted recently were done in India ink and watercolor in a quicker version of the “Rackham/Dulac Technique” I describe step-by-step in the introduction to my most recent book, Inspirations.

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