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Special Flesk Stable Dinner at Breda

Good in a Pinch

Participate with Flesk Publications and five of its brightest stars in an evening of food, drink, conversation and illumination.

Publisher John Fleskes cordially invites you to join Craig Elliott, Gary Gianni, Petar Meseldzija, Mark Schultz and William Stout in a dinner prior to Strip Festival Breda 2011 which will afford the appreciator of fine illustration a chance for relaxed one-on-one repartee in an atmosphere of convivial wining and dining. Strictly limited to 15 guests to ensure a quality experience.

Situated in a private room at the highly regarded Merlijn restaurant in the lovely and historic city of Breda, The Netherlands, with all the amenities of fine dining and spirits included.

Guests will receive a special signed giclee print honoring the evening and a copy of the new Flesk Prime compendium, personalized by all five artists. Original artwork will be available for discussion and viewing pleasure.

Additional support has been given by De Stripspecialist, Breda’s premier comic store.

Those interested in participating can contact evening organizer Mark Thelosen for pricing and availability at

2 thoughts on “Special Flesk Stable Dinner at Breda

  1. Bill,

    Another great illo. I do wonder as to why the fish half didn’t make it up as high as usual. Or maybe that was necessary so the crab would have something human to attack. Or maybe just a more interesting subject.

    Dinner in the Netherlands with a group of amazing talents sounds like a blast. I look forward to your posts about the evening, after it occurs.


  2. Amazing artwork Bill!

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