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Here Comes Dragon*Con!

The Purple Dragon Rises...

Oh Boy! Here comes Dragon*Con!

I hope I get to see all my friends and fans from the South. I’ll be in my usual spot. Ill be on a panel or two, plus, I’ll once again be defending my Iron Artist crown on Sunday morning. Don’t miss it!

See You All (or “Y’all”) There!

6 thoughts on “Here Comes Dragon*Con!

  1. Wow! Two cool new illos post on the same day!

    That dragon is dramatic and friendly at the same time.


  2. See ya tomorrow!!

  3. Bill,

    I love DRAGONS! Nice work, and the color is really eye catching!
    I wish you luck defending your IRON ARTIST crown. It sounds fun.


  4. Bill, where is your usual spot?


  5. Great dragon! I love the mermaid too!
    Looking forward to hearing about Dragon Con.

  6. Hi Lee,
    No Iron Artist this year — but it should happen next year.

    Hi Mark,
    Sorry — I didn’t read this until after I returned. At Dragon*Con I’m always located in the Dealers Room in the basement of the Marriott, tables F-20 and F-21.

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