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Comic-Con Part One

Jon Favreau in front of The Hollywood Reporter cover I drew for him (photo by Samantha Holmes)

I’ve put this off long enough! Now that I’m back from Wizard World in Chicago, I’ve finally got some time to make my long overdue report on San Diego‘s Comic-Con International, the biggest comic convention in the world.

When folks ask me “How was Comic-Con?” my first response is “I don’t know; I can never leave my booth!” Having said that, you’ll now understand why all of my Comic-Con photos have the same location!

First off, I was honored when film director (Iron Man, Cowboys and Aliens) Jon Favreau selected me to draw the cover for the special Comic-Con issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Jon was the guest editor on that baby and he was very hands-on, doing a GREAT job.

Spider-Baby's First Comic-Con (photo by Samantha Holmes)

It was my grandson Jesse‘s first Comic-Con and he had a blast. He insisted I identify every single picture in my booth. Then we took a brief walk through part of the show, stopping occasionally for people who wanted pictures of “Spider-Baby”. It seemed like he loved every second. His dad Andy said it was the best day of Jesse’s life! That’s his mom Amy in the photo.

The Dude Abides (photo by Samantha Holmes)

My friend, film director Kirk Thatcher came by disguised as The Dude (the only costume item he lacked was the bathrobe!). Kirk and I worked together on The Muppets Wizard of Oz. Mr. Thatcher, bless his generous heart, took home a copy of my friend Samantha Holmes‘ first two films (Lucky Day and Uncle) and came back the next day with enormously honest and helpful detailed critiques of each film. Kirk, I loved you before, my friend, but my appreciation for you just shot up several notches for doing that great kindness for Sam. Bless you, buddy!

Me 'n' John Landis (with Hugh Brown in the center) (photo by Samantha Holmes)

The great comedy director (Animal House, The Blues Brothers) John Landis came by while I was talking to my friend designer Hugh Brown (Hugh did all of that great Grammy Award-winning packaging for Rhino Records. We worked together on the Weird Tales of The Ramones box set). Years ago I had to pass on John Landis’ offer to storyboard Michael Jackson’s Thriller (I was too busy) but I hooked him up with a darn good substitute: my studio mate Dave Stevens.

Max and his proud papa John Landis (photo by Samantha Holmes)

While chatting with John, his talented son Max joined us in the booth as well.

Two Imagineers: William Stout & Tony Baxter (photo by Samantha Holmes)

I worked for Walt Disney Imagineering for a couple of years back in the late 1980s. One of my friends from that company, the legendary Tony Baxter, came by to say “Hi!” and catch up. Among many other Disney projects, Tony was the key creator of Disneyland‘s Splash Mountain attraction. One of the nicest guys in the biz, it’s always great to see Tony.

…More Name-Dropping Tomorrow, Folks!

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  1. Say, Bill….isn’t that Adam Savage standing behind John Landis?

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