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NEW Sketchbooks! The Hollywood Reporter!

William Stout: 50 Convention Sketches Volume 17

Yup! THEY’RE HERE! Fresh from Comic-Con!

William Stout MONSTERS Sketchbook Volume 3

I’ll have these at my show and convention appearances this year. But if you can’t wait…

Stout's cover for The Hollywood Reporter's special Comic-Con issue

If you’d like to read more about the items, I’d like to direct you to their entries in my website’s online catalogue, the William Stout Bazaar. The two sketchbooks are listed under “Books”; the Reporter is listed under “Magazines”.

I think you’ll love ’em all!

5 thoughts on “NEW Sketchbooks! The Hollywood Reporter!

  1. Oh, Boy! New books to order!


  2. I’ve tried to order the books but the new password (sent to me and I even copied and pasted it into the web store’s required space) refuses to work for me. When I tried to just start another account I was refused because of my existing one with the current email and mailing address being recognized.
    I look for ward to ordering the books once this glitch is worked out.


  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I just finished submitting my order for the two sketchbooks. Yeah, I should get the Hollywood Reporter too. Maybe later. On a budget with all the girls college loans makes me stingey with the cash.

    Thanks again!


  4. Great to see a new monsters sketchbook. I was curious as to whether you had any of the creatures from Hammer Films in this one. I’ll try not to wax rhapsodic about all the reasons I have for loving those movies, but I will say every time I see one of Bernard Robinson’s castles with the curlicue pillars it brings a smile to my face.
    Sorry about the tangent. I love the dragon cover on the latest sketchbook too.

  5. Hi Aaron,
    No Hammer this time, but I had so much fun (and so little time) putting together Volume 3 that I’ve launched right in to Volume 4 which will definitely have a Hammer presence.

    That dragon cover is one of my favorites, too. I’ll run the color version on a future Journal posting.

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