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Harry Potter Triumph!

Many hundreds wait to see the exhibition (photo by Samantha Holmes)

Wow! What an amazing opening for the Harry Potter art exhibition this evening at Gallery Nucleus (See the Appearances section of this website)! The line to get in was over a quarter mile long!

It’s a beautiful show on both floors of Gallery Nucleus. I have three pieces in the exhibition. I didn’t have time to do anything new but my work should be of interest to Harry Potter fans as it was drawn and painted prior to the making of the first film. My visual interpretations came completely from my reading the first book.

Drew Struzan & William Stout (photo by Samantha Holmes)

Worth seeing all by itself was the spectacular original Harry Potter movie poster art by my friend Drew Struzan. Incredible!

There were free lottery tickets and prizes galore from the gallery. About 80% of the crowd were dressed like characters from the film. A good time was had by all, even by the folks waiting to get in.

Ya shoulda been there!

It’s still not too late to see the exhibition, though.

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Triumph!

  1. Can’t say how honored I am to share the walls with such incredible talent, especially two gents like you and Drew! My only wish is that I could have been there in person. Though I did hear that while the line was 3hrs long, the art and Butterbeer were brilliant ;). Cheers!

  2. Hey Bill,

    How big is a Struzan original? Just wondering what size he works with. Really love his art and his film posters have been some of the most memorable in cinema.

  3. Hi Peter,
    The Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans were good, too! That was a very patient crowd…

    Hi Jeremy,
    Drew works nice and big. I’d guess the movie poster original at being about one-and-a-half to two times up from its printed size.

  4. It was a pleasure to see you at the show, and, as Peter said, it’s an honor to have a painting of mine in your company. 🙂

  5. Bill,

    I really enjoyed your submissions to the show. Nice clean illustrations that were colorful and fun!

    I have always enjoyed Drew’s work. There probably aren’t many people who haven’t seen it at some point. He is a great talent….much like yourself.

    On an unrelated note, how is the elephant enclosure mural progressing?

    Best Wishes

  6. The murals are coming along slo-o-o-owly…but they’re getting there. I just completed my two painted value studies. Today I’m plunging into the small scale color versions.

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