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Wonderful Rocketeer Video Tribute

I just saw this wonderful tribute to Dave Stevens and his creation, The Rocketeer. Here’s the link:

On a sad related note, I was informed that Dave’s mom, Carolyn Stevens, has passed away. I am happy that she got to see the huge and enthusiastic celebration on Tuesday night of her son and his creation. She and Dave’s sister Jenny received a big round of applause when it was noted from the stage that they were in attendance. I had a nice chat with her afterwards at the VIP party hosted by Taylor White/Creature Features and Disney.

I met Dave’s parents over twenty years ago. Upon talking to his mom and dad, I could easily see the origins of Dave’s sweet natured goodness. They were both so (rightfully) proud of their son — as are we all.

Carolyn was planning to visit me and other friends of Dave at Comic-Con this year. She will be missed.

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Rocketeer Video Tribute

  1. Fantastic!

    Very sorry to hear about Dave’s mother : (

  2. This video is incredible. Hello! Disney Studios! I would watch this series! BTW, is the little boy a young Dave Stevens?

  3. No; Dave didn’t wear glasses until late in his short life.

    Dave is in the film, however, as he used himself as the model for Cliff Secord, The Rocketeer.

  4. Very nice tribute, what a great way to express your admiration. Very well done.

    So sorry to hear about Mrs. Stevens, it must have been a great shock to Jenny and her family. Wishing them peace.

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