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What is it with Facebook?

I don’t get Facebook. They constantly alert me to people on Facebook with whom I have more than 100 friends in common. So, I make friend requests to those folks (it seems logical to me).

Shortly after making about eight of these Friend Requests I get a notice from Facebook that I’ve made too many Facebook friend requests so, as punishment, they are not allowing me any new friends for the next two days.

I thought “friending” was a big part of Facebook. Facebook has told me that not just my friend requests but the communications I just tried to make with fans who were delighted to be my Facebook friend but who now need an explanation as to why they can’t confirm my Friend Request are all being labeled by Facebook as Spam that Facebook won’t deliver.

Go figure.

Any of you out there who received a Friend Request from me and would like to be my Facebook “friend” — please try again in two days!

And if you’re a Facebook employee and reading this, please explain to me your company’s seemingly paradoxical/contradictory attitude. Do you want me to participate in Facebook or not? Tell me what’s wrong with sending a Friend Request to someone with whom I share over two or three hundred friends…Don’t you think we might just have a lot in common? So far, none of my Friend Requests have been refused — doesn’t that tell you something?