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Memorial Day

We have a great tradition here in Pasadena. Upon hearing a loud drone I’ll run outside on the mornings of Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day to witness a fleet of vintage WWII aircraft flying over our town a few times in the Missing Man formation, an aerial salute to the missing men and women in the military — missing because they gave up their lives fighting for our country and all of us here at home.

The sight of that formation always thrills me and brings a tear to my eye. It also never fails to make me think of my friend and plane aficionado Dave Stevens.

My pal John Gandour sent me the following Memorial Day link:

I think it is worthy of sharing with all of you. My father and daughter both served in the Army. Happily, they were able to return home safe and sound. Other families weren’t so lucky.

Please think of them when you watch the video.

Peace and Love to everyone — and let’s bring all of our men and women in the service back home as soon as possible, safe and intact.

It is time.

Actually, it is long overdue.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Bill,

    Very moving tribute. We went to the Memorial Day parade, as our daughter is in her high school marching band. It is always moving to me to see the vets and realize what many of them gave for our freedoms. Combined with the various patriotic pieces being played, it is hard not to shed a tear.

    May dad and at least six other uncles served in WW2, and thank God all returned safely. I know that my dad said that in France they once spent a week or more in their foxholes, which were filled with water from the constant rains. (and we complain about the most minor of inconveniences). My brother served on a boat as a translator during Vietnam. He had his own bodyguard, whose job was to protect him at all costs…unless they were to be taken over, in which case, it was his job to shoot my brother. Thankfully, he too returned home safely.

    We are so blessed by those who serve.


  2. Dear Bill,

    This former Marine and fellow Paleoartist appreciates this posting very much.
    And yes, lets bring them back home.

    Kind regards,
    John F. Davies

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