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Wizard World Anaheim!

I’m just writing to let everyone know what a great time I had at the Wizard World Anaheim show.

The event was run incredibly well. All of the staff was very warm and totally professional. I was happy to be the show’s first web video interviewee by Wizard World’s great tag team interviewers. Their advertising proved to be very effective, as well, as I had fans drive all the way from Seattle, Phoenix and Tucson just to see me! I sold stacks of books, saw old friends and made new ones.

I can hardly wait for their Chicago show! I look forward to guesting at any of the other Wizard World shows — they’re AMAZING!

“Thanks!” to Khandyce Menard, Stephen Shamus and the rest of the great WIZARD WORLD crew!

I lived in Anaheim for awhile (I put myself through art school painting watercolor portraits in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square during the summers). It is a city not known for its culinary delights. I was consistently let down by the food there this weekend (especially at my hotel) until I found Angelo’s #2 at 12885 Chapman Avenue (in Garden Grove; several blocks from the Anaheim Convention Center), about five or six blocks from Harbor Boulevard. Great burgers! They also serve Mexican food and breakfast food in large portions at incredibly reasonable prices. And did I mention they let you choose from over 100 different kinds of sodas? The family that runs the place are extremely nice, too.

3 thoughts on “Wizard World Anaheim!

  1. Great to hear Bill… totally off the subject, just wondering if you have had a chance to view the CONAN trailer… if so, any thoughts?

    All the best to you Bill.


  2. It looks great! Gorgeous production design, terrific costumes.

    I wish they’d called me to work on it. I hope the script is as good as the look.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Bill… hey THOR was pretty decent (just saw it yesterday)… CHRIS HEMSWORTH sort of played it like ERROL FLYNN… with a lot of laughter and braggadocio… a good touch was having the warriors 3 and Sif…some of the Asgard scenes were just visually breath taking… also very well designed (in my opinion)… the movie did have some slow spots, but really a fun flick… and of course if you go… stay after the credits… it has another quick scene (Avengers related)… Marvel just keeps on marching onward.

    Hope you are having a great weekend Bill.

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