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ABU & THE 7 MARVELS — Back in Stock!

The Undersea Kingdom

I am proud to re-offer for sale copies of one of my finest books: Richard Matheson’s Abu & The 7 Marvels.

Abu & The 7 Marvels is Richard Matheson’s only children’s book. For those of you not familiar with Richard’s name, Matheson’s writing credits include 16 of the best Rod Serling Twilight Zone episodes (including my favorite: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet), Steven Spielberg’s first film (Duel), Somewhere In Time, The Incredible Shrinking Man, What Dreams May Come, I Am Legend, The Night Stalker and Trilogy of Terror.

ABU was a Bram Stoker Award and Chesley Award nominee; it won the 2003 Benjamin Franklin Award for Juvenile Fiction and Gold and Silver Medals from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and Spectrum.

This is one of my finest books. It was a long time dream and an honor to work with Richard Matheson. This beautiful volume was a pure labor of love.

Abu & The 7 Marvels is once again available through the William Stout Bazaar on this website.

The book is hardcover with a full color dustjacket stamped with gold foil lettering. There are 8 full page full color illustrations (one shown above) and 19 black & white illustrations within its 135 pages.

I SIGN each copy and include a small ORIGINAL SKETCH on the book’s title page. And HEY — It’s only thirty bucks! Buy now while my stock lasts!

6 thoughts on “ABU & THE 7 MARVELS — Back in Stock!

  1. Bill,

    That’s great news. This may seem like an odd question, but I was wondering which coloring is more true to your original. I have this illo in your Hallucinations book. The image on your site is much more saturated, and the pale violets punch more. Also the light violet/magenta in the nearest ground level is more apparent, and gives even more separation and thus depth.

    So, understanding that a computer monitor has some possible variances, I am just curious if you chose to desaturate the piece a bit for Hallucinations, and which image is closer to the original.

    Maybe I can compare the images in the two books when we are guests at the Saturday Nightmares con in June.


  2. Thank you Bill!

    My order has been placed. I’m glad I spoke up a few weeks ago.

    Cheers, Jake

  3. Spielberg is now well known for many movies but I continue to get a “Huh?” when I mention Duel! It’s a great film! Matheson wrote a masterpiece! Spielberg took that masterpiece and filmed what I believe is one of Spielberg’s best films! It’s a tense film full of sweaty scenes guaranteed to keep viewers trapped between what just happened and what’s about to happen! It’s Matheson at his best! It’s somewhat unusual given his established style up to that point in his writing but it’s still the Matheson we all appreciate? Anything that perpetuates interest in Matheson the writer is to be welcomed and your ability is certianly an added plus!!!


  4. Hey Frank,

    I completely agree about Duel. It was good practice for Speilberg gearing up to make the unstoppable shark in Jaws.

  5. Hi Rick:
    The 4 x 5s (remember those pre-digital days?) I had shot of the Abu illustrations all turned out somewhat light (they are reproduced a little too light for my tastes in their original ABU printing). I can’t recall why I didn’t have them immediately re-shot. Subsequently, I intensified the color on occasion when those illustrations appeared elsewhere — but maybe not in Hallucinations. The doctored color on this posting is pretty close to the original art. I’d have them re-shot now but I’ve sold most of them already.

    Hi Jake:
    I’m glad you did, too! And thanks for the order!

    Hi fws:
    I like the Matheson short story of “Duel” that first appeared in “Playboy” at least as much as Steven’s terrific little film — if not more.

  6. Speaking of Arabian Night related news SINBAD THE FIFTH VOYAGE which looks like it is hugely influenced by Ray Harryhausen’s work is now in post production. The trailer shows they have a statue that comes to life and a cyclops courtesy of the dynamation process. It’s got my interest and attention.

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