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Happy (Zombie) Easter!

Mmmmmm...chocolate brains!

My George Petty-style Easter zombie (to be included in my 2012 ZOMBIES! calendar) is here to inform you that my 2011 ZOMBIES! calendar is SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this calendar a gigantic bestseller!

5 thoughts on “Happy (Zombie) Easter!

  1. Really great Illo, Bill…thanks for sharing.

    BTW – Have you seen the glam art that Greg Hildebrandt has been doing?… really great stuff.

    All the best to you Bill.


  2. My favorite zombie pic of yours to date.


  3. Nice Bill! That’s one hell of a chocolate bunny:)

  4. Hi Bill,

    Now THAT’S a style I hadn’t seen you do before…..very nice, as usual!


  5. Hi John,
    Greg does great stuff; I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time. I deeply appreciate that he and his brother Tim were very early fans, supporters and promoters of my work well before a lot of folks were.

    Hi Rick:
    I haven’t done this Petty/Vargas style much. It’s a surprisingly easy technique that is explained in detail in one of the Vargas books. The watercolor part is easy; it’s the drawing that has to be right on the money for this technique to work. Believe it or not, this technique requires little (if any) airbrush.

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