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Happy (?) Tax Day!

Good luck to all my tax-paying friends and fans today!

This last weekend was amazing. I played a suave, sociopathic serial killer in Samantha Holmes’ latest film, Uncle. My mom, Joyce, and my nephew, Michael, got cast as well and they were terrific! Real naturals, both. I am so proud of them! Tonight, my wife, Kent Wilson, has a scene to shoot as well. My beautiful wife was a professionally trained actress for over twenty-five years before she did a complete 180 at age forty and embarked upon her current career in medicine.

I had LOADS of dialogue (this film will be about a 25 minutes in length) this time. I’m happy to say, though, that I came to the set very prepared. Besides acting with two of my family members (although it will look quite the opposite in the finished film, I wasn’t physically in the scene with my wife), the real joy of doing this movie was being able to act with my dear friends from The Return of the Living Dead, Beverly Randolph and Don Calfa, as well as my close friend and talented actor-artist-writer (and fellow Rondo Award recipient) Frank Dietz. I was in heaven working with such wonderful pros!

If you’re on Facebook, there are lots of postings of pictures on the set from the various participants in the film who are also part of Facebook.

Our crew was amazing and included Matthew Renoir, a descendant of both Pierre Auguste Renoir (the world famous Impressionist painter) and Jean Renoir (the magnificent director of such films as The Rules of the Game and Grand Illusion).

We all worked long and hard but I think what Samantha got is pure gold. I can’t wait see it edited. I am so proud of my friend Ms. Holmes. She was incredibly organized and her direction was very precise (she always comes to the set with a very strong vision) — yet she allowed for what I call “happy accidents”. I think she is going to be in that elite group of our next batch of great film makers. If you’d like to meet her, she’ll be hanging out with me at my booth at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Kudos, kisses and love to my great cast and crew! And Brava(!) Samantha!

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  1. Bill,

    That is some fancy pen work! Also, nice use of subtle colors.

    “In Brains We Trust”…..hilarious.

    See you at Wonderfest in a few weeks.

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