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Bela as Drac!

Today and tomorrow I’ll be at Monsterpalooza. The show started last night. Yesterday Guillermo del Toro, Jon Favreau, J J Abrams and many other greats in the industry came by my booth (Booth #1) — and that was just a Friday!

I saw castmates from Return of the Living Dead; my director-writer Samantha Holmes was with me the entire time as well. So, come by and say “Hi!”, meet Samantha, talk monsters and have a great time at the most astounding monster show in the world: MONSTERPALOOZA!

(See “Appearances” on this website for the convention’s location address)

…and, as soon as Monsterpalooza is over at 7:00 PM tonight, I’ll be dashing across town to the Famous Monsters convention in Beverly Hills to be with my old friends and moviemakers Roger Corman and Mick Garris!

2 thoughts on “MONSTERPALOOZA!

  1. Nice Drac!
    Monsterpolooza sounds awesome!
    Will you be posting some pics of your booth?

  2. There are pics of my booth all over Facebook. There’s a great one on Samantha Holmes’ Facebook page.

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