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Gwangi vs. Styracosaurus

Gwangi vs. Styracosaurus

You might recall I was desperate to get a hold of a copy of the richly illustrated compendium Ray Harryhausen – Master of the Magicks Volume 2. As much as I wanted the book I couldn’t see paying the current asking price of $1200 (!) for what was a $60 book just a couple of months ago. I offered an exchange of a drawing for a copy of the book.

Keith Walton came through with a mint copy for me. In return, he asked if I would draw him a picture of Gwangi battling a Styracosaurus, a scene from Ray’s The Valley of Gwangi. I thought that fans of my stuff and of Harryhausen’s work might like to see what I drew. That picture is what’s above this post.

I just e-mailed Keith asking if he’d like me to color the picture (at no charge, of course). If he says “Yes” I’ll post an image of the color version once it’s finished.


13 thoughts on “Gwangi vs. Styracosaurus

  1. Bill,

    Harryhausen meets Stout ! Again!

    That’s wonderful….as always! Thanks for sharing it.

    Can you remind me which of your con sketchbooks had the Harryhausen stuff in it? I bought a few when I saw you in Indianapolis, and another from your website…..but, alas…there are no descriptions.

    I believe two had Harryhausen tributes in them….can you tell me the numbers?

    Hopefully you are enjoying Vol #3 of Majicks….


  2. …and who, here in this group of fans who love your art, wouldn’t love to see how you decide to color it?

    Best again,

  3. Make sure you get a copy of volume 3 of Master of the Majicks. It’s even better than volume 2. It is absolutely loaded with info and photos, a real treat to read through.

  4. This drawing is ripe for coloring.

  5. Very nice Gwangi piece, and a very cool thing Keith did to get you a copy of the book.

  6. Bill,

    Nice illustration! What size is it?


  7. To Rick: There is one sketchbook that is entirely devoted to Ray Harryhausen. A few of the others in the 50 Convention Sketches series have drawings of Ray’s creatures. I’ll try to check for you on which those are.

    To Rick and Jim: The Gwangi/Styracosaurus drawing is not going to be colored. The recipient decided he wanted it to be kept as a black & white piece. He should be receiving it by Express Mail in the next three hours.

    To Rick and Filmfan: I ordered Volume 3 a couple of days ago. Maybe it will arrive today!

    To Scott: I wholeheartedly agree!

    To Lee: The image is about 6″ x 12″ (on a larger board, of course).

  8. Guess Keith just couldn’t wait to get it. Either way, good deal for you both.

  9. Bill, I’d just like to know what other books you’re having a hard time finding? My tonnage of books may finally pay off?! (%


  10. Great image!

    Now everyone will be offering to trade!

  11. Bill,

    The Gwangi film was pretty lame but the Harryhausen stuff was awesome! The critters were the stars of that film! The script was mediocre and the acting wasn’t much better! But Harryhausen was satisfying, as usual! Your artwork captured the best of Gwangi! Battling beasts! Good stuff!

    Sincerely, Frank

  12. Hello mr stout it’s Keith just wanted to thank you for the great artwork it’s now framed and hanging in my den for me to see everyday …sorry I did not contact you earlier but have been out of the country for 3 months ( Peru..Argentina..brazil)my wife is from Peru and I have been married to her for twenty five years and have never been to south America. Machu picchu is a site to behold… Any way thank you again any time you are in the Reno sparks area let me know thank you again ..Keith walton

  13. (Moderator; Please delete the previous versions of this post. I was having trouble pasting in my comments. The interface kept loading before I was done – probably a problem at my end, sorry.)

    Hey fws,

    I’m a little late to the party here, but it seems to me you came to the wrong place to call THE VALLEY OF GWANGI lame. I’m sure that others here will agree with me that it is a wonderful film. Mr. Harryhausen told me himself that they sweat blood trying to make the best film possible, under trying circumstances and on a tight budget. Since he is a total filmmaker, I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate your loving his dinosaurs, while dissing his collaborators’ efforts.

    The movie was in part a love letter to his dearly departed mentor Willis O’Brien, who was never able to bring his original story to the screen himself, but was probably looking down on Earth from the hereafter with pride that it was finally brought to the screen by his best and greatest pupil. Some of the things people have criticised the film for were inherent in the kind of story that it is, but they were trying to remain as faithful to O’Brien’s 1942 story as practical and still make a film that would speak to the audiences of 1969, as Ray says,”for a certain price”. Compare it to other moderate to low budget films of the day and I think a sensible person will see that it holds up just fine on all fronts (and don’t count PLANET OF THE APES; Ray and Charles Schneer could have made two movies with that budget)!

    Anyway, it’s a free country and you are entitled to express your opinions, but save words like, “lame” for other forums. Why don’t you go post your feelings on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ or some similar place.

    Keep up the great work Bill. We love it!

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