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Rondo Award Nominee!

I’ve just been nominated for one of the world’s coolest awards: the Rondo Classic Horror Award for Best Magazine Cover for my werewolf cover to Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine #252.

There is also a possibility of my winning four other Rondos that depend upon write-in votes: Writer of the Year 2010; Artist of the Year (Pro); Monster Kid of the Year; and Monster Kid Hall of Fame.

Did you read that part where I said “that depend upon write-in votes”? For your ballot, please go to

The Rondo Awards are very special to me for a number of reasons. One, they’re voted on by the fans, the passionate followers of All Things Monster who keep their angry villager torches burning despite any other public trends in film genres.

Two, I’m a real Monster Kid. I’ve been crazy about monsters ever since I saw my first movie, the 1952 re-release of the original King Kong at my local Reseda Drive-in Theater when I was three years old. Years later (when I was eight) I viewed the classic Universal monster movies presented by the Shock Theatre syndication package. From then on it’s been monsters, monsters, monsters in my life. I lived for the arrival of my subscription copies of Famous Monsters. Amazingly, I grew up and eventually got to actually create monsters for the movies. The most prominent creatures I had a hand in creating are the Tarman (from The Return of the Living Dead), Edgar (the big bug at the end of Men In Black), the Predator (from the first Predator), the Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth, the dinosaurs from Disney’s Dinosaur, the drones from Invaders From Mars, some of the creatures from the Conan films and the evil villains from Masters of the Universe.

A real Fan Boy dream-come-true occurred when I became friends with Ray Harryhausen, Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury and got to collaborate with them on several projects.

Three, I have a real connection to the namesake of the Rondo Awards. My dad worked with Rondo Hatton. In between films Rondo worked with my dad at an aircraft parts factory. My dad told me that Rondo was a very quiet, gentle man with “the biggest hands I ever saw”.

I’ve never campaigned for any other awards before but this one means a lot to me. If you’re a monster fan, you should be aware of the Rondos. Even if you decide not to vote for me, visit the site and check out the past recipients. You’ll probably find some old friends there.

Uurrrr….Friends GOOD!

4 thoughts on “Rondo Award Nominee!

  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer and more talented artist… all the best of good luck, Bill.


  2. My vote’s in!

    Very cool connection with your dad and Rondo.

    What is your next book?


  3. Awesome! Congrats on the nomination, Bill!


  4. Thanks, guys!

    Rick: My next book? I dunno!

    It was going to be a collection of all my comics covers and stories, but in order for it to be out by Comic-Con or Christmas I’d have to have had the cover finished this month. My schedule right now is too heavy for that, plus, I really want to do more in-depth autobiographical writing in it, like I had in my Murals book (but more). That will take some time, as I haven’t started it yet.

    I’m close to finishing my book of translated and illustrated Pablo Neruda poems; about four more illustrations (and a cover and Neruda portrait) to go.

    I had my Blues book all finished until Abrams asked me double its size…

    The text to my all-things-Rock ‘n’ Roll-related art book is pretty much done. I still need to gather the images for that one.

    Like-wise, the text to my entertainment advertising book(s — it might be a two volume set) is done but I need to make sure I’ve fully found and selected all of the appropriate images.

    I’m about twenty five pictures into my next convention sketchbook, I think. Or that might just be me being forgetful and overly optimistic!

    I need to paint twenty-five more paintings (to make an even one hundred) for my big history of life in Antarctica book. Then, I’ve got to finish the text. Big job! Perhaps my most important book.

    I’m sure I’ve missed some of my book projects…Ooops! Like my book(s) on my film design. I know there’s something else as well…

    You can see I’m keeping busy…

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