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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year...?!?

Happy New Year, Friends & Fans!

Stay tuned to this page and I’ll soon fill you in on how I got Neil Diamond to perform at my mom’s 80th birthday party on New Year’s Eve…!

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. JC Leyendecker would be proud.

  2. Neil Diamond?!! C’mon Bill, hurry up and spill.

  3. Nice work, Bill!
    What amount of time does a piece like this require?

  4. Very nice. I realize there’s a zombie trend that’s been going on for some time, but lest we forget, there are also werewolves, mummies, gigantic radioactive whatzits, and other critters that go bump in the night.
    I’m just sayin’. Could be these creatures might resent the inordinate amount of time that the walking dead are getting now days.

    And to be honest I have to confess I haven’t really enjoyed a zombie film since Hammer’s Plague of the Zombies. There, I’ve said it. I suppose I better start boarding up the doors and windows. 🙂

  5. That’s saying alot Aaron since Plague of the Zombies predates Return of the Living Dead which is full of awesome Stout zombie goodness

  6. Bill… you’s done it again, (as previous post states)… looks like you were channeling LEYENDECKER… well done!

  7. Hi Guys,
    This painting is from a forthcoming 2012 Zombies calendar with 12 brand new zombie paintings from Andrews McMeel, the publishers of my 2011 Zombies calendar. Some are pastiches (like this Leyendecker parody); some are completely original. They’re all kinda funny…

    I’ve slowed down, Lee. I used to be able to bang out something like this in about three days. This time around it took me five. I may have been distracted by the holidays, though.

    Aaron! Not everybody has to be a fan of The Return of the Living Dead (although I can’t see why they wouldn’t be) but how about Shaun of the Dead or Black Sheep?

  8. For me it was a shift from some bloodletting to over the top splatter gore. I have to say that there were moments of humor in zombie films that I liked and the big revelation in Dawn of the Dead made me smile in a didn’t-see-that-comin’ way. One of those slap yourself in the forehead moments.
    I guess one thing that bugs me is that zombies don’t have the backstory of the other classic movie monsters (e.g. vampire: stakes, garlic, etc,. one bites you, you become one; werewolves: silver bullets, full moon, one bites you, you become one; mummies: gotta have those tana leaves, and they’re looking for their reincarnated loved ones). Zombies just wander around and eat you.
    I must admit they did give us one iconic film image: the many grabbing arms reaching through the boarded up window.

  9. I think there is always a hint of zombie origin in most zombie films. In ROTLD it’s the chemical Trioxin that is mistakenly unleashed into the air causing acid rain to rain down onto the cemetery. As you would imagine as does most of the time when Trioxin is opened causing acid rain the dead begin to rise. I think alot of films and stories hint as to what causes these things but sometimes you have to listen carefully.

    On the other hand I do see your point. Take the Walking Dead for example, amazing comic hitting close to 80 issues with still no explanation.

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