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Christmas Looms!


Christmas is just around the corner! My TV pilot, Lilly’s Light, airs tomorrow If you’re in the L. A./Orange County area you should be able to catch it on KVCR (Channel 24) at 7:00 PM. I’m really proud of my design work on this children’s show and of the entire show overall. Despite the above graphic, there are no zombies on the show.

We just had a year’s worth of rainfall in the last three days. The wind, wet and cold is playing havoc with my painting schedule!

I hope everyone is keeping warm and dry. My love and good cheer to you all!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Looms!

  1. Merry Christmas Bill!

  2. Bill…. You and your family have a fantastic Christmas and thanks for all the incredible art over the years… also have a great prosperous 2011… hope the Ka-Zar book is coming along well 🙂 Kidding ya all.

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