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Harryhausen Book – Thwarted Again!

DANG! Beat out on another copy of Ray Harryhausen Master of Majicks Volume 2. This one went for $777.77 on Ebay. I just can’t pay that much for a book that was retailing for $70 just two months ago.

OK; if anyone out there has an extra copy they’d like to unload in trade for a piece of my original art, please let me know.

5 thoughts on “Harryhausen Book – Thwarted Again!

  1. hello bill ernie farino told me about your situation ill trade you a mint copy of master of majicks vol 2 if you do me a drawing from my favorite harryhausen film the valley of gwangi you sign it to me keith and we have a deal just tell me where to send it thanks a bunch ..keith walton

  2. Hi Keith,
    Excellent! Pack securely (the post office destroyed a large hardcover book sent to me recently) and ship to:
    William Stout
    1468 Loma Vista Street
    Pasadena, CA 91104

    As soon as it arrives I’ll draw up, ink and color your Gwangi drawing for you. Any favorite scene in mind?


  3. yeah gwangi fighting the styracosarus from the movie..thanks a bunch.. will ship out wendsday via fed ex for tracking purposes will email you the tracking number wendsday night …thank you keith walton

  4. What a nice thing to do! I wouldn’t mind finding a copy of that myself. I did find a site in the UK that is taking orders for the next volume in that series.

  5. You can order direct from Ernie:

    Keith, you lucky guy! What a treasure. I wished I had an extra copy for Bill. That was a great swap! Would love to see that image when it’s finished!

    Will you be posting a shot of that illo, Bill? Glad you were finally able to get a copy. In a number of ways, Vol 2 is more special to me than Vol 3, despite its enormous content visually and text-wise. Joe Young and Seventh Voyage have a great deal of special meaning to me.


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