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William Stout TV Show Broadcast Date

I am more than happy to announce that the childrens television show I designed, Lilly’s Light, will be broadcast (appropriately) on Christmas Eve at 7:00 PM on southern California’s KVCR (channel 24).

Designing a kids TV show had always been one of my dreams. I am happy to say that I not only got the chance, but that the chance I got was for an absolutely brilliant show.

The star of the show (and its driving force) is the multi-talented Sherry Hursey (from Home Improvement). He acting and her singing give me chills and swell my heart with joy — she’s that good!

Daniel Carrey’s work as the director on the show is superb. The photography of our show is the best I’ve ever seen on TV. My jaw dropped when I first walked on to the set during shooting. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the monitors. My sets were perfectly lit, the actors were sculpted with light. Stunning! I asked who was shooting our show and was informed it was the guy who shot the Academy Award-winning My Left Foot(!).

The songs are so good that after hearing them I immediately asked about obtaining a CD of the music just to listen to on its own.

Watch for my friend and screenwriting partner Gregory Paul Martin (Greg has acted in, among many other shows, Babylon 5, A Walk in the Clouds, Sliders) as the loony Professor Crabbe. Also watch for Fred Willard, whom I worked with on Invaders From Mars, as well as my long time friend and co-producer of the show, Philece Sampler, as Dee.

Our show has enormous heart. We aspire for it to be a very positive force in kids’ lives. We hope that its message will spread and benefit the communities of the United States and, ultimately, the world. I know that sounds fairly lofty and ambitious, but if someone or something doesn’t act as a trigger, it’s never going to happen. It feels extremely gratifying to be a force for good in the world or, as Preston Sturges called it, “this crazy, cock-eyed caravan”.

If you’d like a little preview of the show, please head over to

5 thoughts on “William Stout TV Show Broadcast Date

  1. Congrats Bill!! Sounds like a cool show.

  2. Man… really great stuff, Bill…. you’re all over the place 🙂

    Hey here is another good blog from some top character design artists:

    All the best to you, Bill.


  3. Hi Jeremy,
    It’s a really cool show, indeed. Actually, it’s really warm! I created some pretty elaborate designs in a sort of cartooned realism style. The execution of my designs amazed me. They builders and painters interpreted my thoughts almost exactly as I had indicated.

    This show has aired before on different channels; this is just the first time we’ve been given advance notice. It’s the pilot for a proposed series. This baby’s got a lot of heart; I hope it sells…

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the link. I really liked the Cory Loftis dinos…

  4. Hey Bill,

    Sometime when you have free time (not likely knowing your schedule) you should walk us thru designing a TV show and what all is involved. I myself have little to no understanding of what goes into something like that. It seems like that would be interesting to us nerdy types:)

  5. That’s very exciting, Bill! We will watch and tape the show. My mom will be so happy that she can watch it, since she is down here from Alaska. Looking forward to seeing the whole family soon!

    You rock!

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