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Ray Harryhausen Master of the Majicks

Thanksgiving Zombie
Thanksgiving Zombie

Anybody out there with a copy of RAY HARRYHAUSEN – Master of the Majicks Volume 2 that they’d like to sell (or trade for) for a reasonable price? Somehow I missed that baby.


…and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

More brains?

8 thoughts on “Ray Harryhausen Master of the Majicks

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Bill!!!

  2. Bill: Good luck in your quest to secure “Majiks 2.” It is a beautiful book. I had not realized that it had gone out of print, and was commanding such high prices on the secondary market. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to stumble across it in a Bud Plant catalog when it first became available. Up till that time, I had been completely unaware of it’s existance. Having started collecting Harryhausen books with his own “Film Fantasy Scrapbook” in the Seventies, I feel that these will be the definitive volumes chronicling his marvelous career. The depth of historical material contained is just incredible. Volume 3 is now up for order on the Archives website, and it looks to be just as incredible as its predecessor. I had been awaiting the release, but had not checked the site in a few months. Thanks to your mention of volume 2, I was able to get my order in. Best…Jim Latimer

  3. Bill,

    I missed out on this volume too. I hope my very good friend and Ray Harryhausen amateur archivist has a copy of this when I see him in a couple of days. I’ve seen two other books covering Mr. Harryhausen’s work but this sounds like that secret treasure trove. It’s always the books I take for granted….


  4. When you say “reasonable price”, what exactly do you mean? Maybe around a thousand dollars or so? About 3 weeks ago I noticed that on the Archive-Editions website that they had sold out of the book, and on Amazon the price of used copies was up past 400 bucks. Acting quickly, I obtained a brand new copy from a seller on eBay who apparently had 7 available, and he was sold out just a few days later. Now I see the book listed on Amazon for over 1300 dollars. I think that is some serious pipe dreaming going on there, buy maybe not. So anyway, I have my copy now, and it is a very well done publication.

  5. Hey Bill,
    There is a copy of MASTER OF THE MAJICKS on ebay right now that has started out as a crazy low price. It ends on December 9th. You might want to keep an eye on it.
    Happy Holidays,

  6. Hi Todd,
    Thanks! I’ll check it out and place a bid right away!

  7. Bill,
    It has been a long time since we last saw each other—maybe Landmark days. Great to have stumbled on your site while also looking around for the Harryhausen book. Yikes it is pricey. Let’s hope they reprint it.

  8. I have all three Ray Harryhausen Master of the Majicks volumes 1, 2 and 3 on eBay. I m based in the UK so shipping would be very expensive.

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