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Inspirations Tomorrow!

John Fleskes is flying me up to San Jose tomorrow. Our book Inspirations just arrived, well ahead of schedule. I’m flying up to sign them and to take a batch back with me so that I can begin filling all of my pre-orders.

I’ll begin shipping them out on Wednesday!

I’ll fill you in on Baby Tattooville (even better than I expected), the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting in Pittsburgh and this last weekend’s Hollywood Xpo after I’m back from up north.

3 thoughts on “Inspirations Tomorrow!

  1. NICE! Christmas in October! THANK YOU! I can’t wait to check it out…over, and over again.

  2. Really nicely done, Bill. I really enjoyed that and Vol 16 of the sketchbook!

  3. Just got the book. Thanks for sending it to Italy. I love it!

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