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Baby Tattooville – THIS WEEKEND!

This weekend (Friday through Sunday) I’m involved in a very interesting annual project created by Bob Self of Baby Tattoo books.

Each year Bob invites ten terrific artists to participate in a secret society event entitled “Baby Tattooville”. Bob puts up the artists and their wives in this astounding, rather Byzantine hotel, the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside (CA) and covers their fine dining at this joint as well.

In return, the artists make themselves available all weekend to a select group of just 45 fans. The fans purchase tickets to this event from Bob. The tickets aren’t cheap (usually about $2500 each plus an extra $300 for their spouse) but the fans not only get full access to ten great artists all weekend long (not just a brief moment for a signature like at a convention), Bob also produces several goodies specific and exclusive to the event and its attendees. The price of the event includes Friday and Saturday night hotel accommodations, a Friday night party, several unusual panels and presentations, a Saturday merchandise event and a Sunday brunch buffet.

I’ve already contributed to a large jam painting. After the painting is finished (worked on by all ten artists), Bob has high quality giclee prints made of the painting, has the prints signed, and then distributes these rare prints to the artists and attendees.

Nine of us are also contributing some special black and white art that will be produced as a limited print that honors the special guest of this year, my friend Robert Williams.

The other artist guests besides Bob and myself are a veritable Who’s Who of Juxtapoz/High Fructose artists: Van Arno, Anthony Ausgang, Coop, Ron English, Michael Hussar, Johnny Ryan, Spain Rodriguez and Suzanne Williams.

There’s all kinds of other stuff and goodies happening as well that I don’t recall right now (ask Bob).

Bob did not need to do any advertising this year (the event’s 4th year); it sold out well in advance through word-of-mouth.

This week, though, there were two emergency cancellations. If you are interested in attending, contact Bob at

For more detailed info about the event, go to

I believe Bob is already taking reservations for Baby Tattooville 2011. After talking to Bob, I already know that the line-up next year is going to be unbelievable.

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  1. You will be visiting my backyard.

    Start driving towards Riverside BEFORE 1pm Friday! If you don’t you’ll get caught by the Friday night commuter traffic and your 1 hour drive could end up being 2 to 3 hours.

    Too bad I’m poor otherwise I’d join you at the Mission Inn. I have had dinner in the Mexican Restaurant that is there and I thought it was pretty good. I don’t usually eat Mexican food because my wife says she can do better. Her rice is to kill for. 🙂

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