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“PAUL COLLINS King Of Power Pop!” out today!

Paul Collins: Cover by William Stout
Paul Collins: Cover by William Stout

PAUL COLLINS King Of Power Pop! comes out today on CD, LP, and in digital form.

“Paul Collins has cut a handful of fine records since the breakup of the Beat, but King of Power Pop! is the first one in ages that captures the tough, upbeat sound of his most memorable work, and it proves the man hasn’t lost his touch for writing tight, hooky tunes with killer hooks and energetic guitar figures.”
— Mark Deming / AMG

“Paul Collins was one of the pioneers of the power-pop genre, playing with bands such as Nerves, the Breakaways and the Beat. Now, he returns to his roots with the release of the aptly titled King Of Power Pop!

“(Paul Collins) new album is called King of Power Pop! and it takes guts to go with that title, but Collins has the chops to back it up.”

The Washington Post

2 thoughts on ““PAUL COLLINS King Of Power Pop!” out today!

  1. This album was produced by Jim Diamond, the man famous for producing The White Stripes at his studio in Detroit. The songs on this album vary from fast, rocking and heavy to acoustic and mellow. That in mind, there is something for everyone, whether you like alternative rock, punk, garage, metal, acoustic, folk, or alt country and Americana.

    Collins’ cover version of “The Letter” is a harder-rocking version of The Box Tops’ hit song from the 60s and a fitting tribute to the late Alex Chilton from Box Tops and Big Star. Collins’ song “Many Roads To Follow” was originally a song he recorded and performed with Peter Case in The Nerves. The song “Hurting’s On Me” reminds me of Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle.

  2. I just picked this up on vinyl (orange vinyl no less) and it’s great! And, it goes without saying, great cover art!

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