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Here Comes Comic-Con!

Disturbance South of Helium
Disturbance South of Helium

Comic-Con International rapidly approaches. I’ll be setting up on Tuesday, relieving myself of the stress of driving down to San Diego and trying to set up on Wednesday before the show opens for the convention’s so-called Preview Night. I say “so-called” because Preview Night used to be for a select few. Now it seems as if all 130,00 attendees are there on Wednesday, so it’s not really a special “preview” — it’s just another (half) day of the con.

I’ll be in my usual spot, booths 4803 and 4805. If you’re looking for me in the Comic-Con listings, don’t look under “S” for Stout; that would be much too logical. Look under “W” for William…

I just picked up William Stout – 50 Convention Sketches #16 from my printer yesterday (talk about cutting it close!). I picked up a slew of new art from my framer as well. I will also be selling canvas prints of the animal picture that was recently step-by-stepped on my website Journal. I know I’ve got a lot of Burroughs collectors, so I drew up and painted some new Barsoomian pieces (one of them appears above) for the show. That art will end up in the female sequel to my Hallucinations fantasy collection: Inspirations.

I look forward to seeing all of my old friends — and meeting & making several new ones as well.

See You There!

2 thoughts on “Here Comes Comic-Con!

  1. You (William Stout – 50 Convention Sketches) are always my first purchase at the con. Way I figure … Quality first and then the silly stuff, right?

  2. Howdy Mr. Stout,

    I’d really love to hear your impressions and comments as a panelist on the Remembering Frazetta and Al Williamson forum.


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