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William Stout Painting Lesson #14

Menagerie - Finished Art
Menagerie - Finished Art

After I finished painting all of the animals, I retouched and tightened up the chimp’s canvas and easel.

As I do with all of my completed pieces, I took the finished painting to be professionally shot by the fine folks at Art Works. They are also the same people who will be making my prints of this piece for me.

After it was shot I popped the disc into my computer and cleaned up all of the white areas in PhotoShop. Note that the pure white of the blank canvas areas is now whiter than the white fur of the panda and the white feathers of the puffin’s belly.

Now this baby is really done. I can’t wait to see how the prints turn out! I’ll have two different size canvas prints for sale at Comic-Con: 8″ x 10″ and 16″ x 20″.

I hope you liked this demo. I had fun both painting it and writing about it.

9 thoughts on “William Stout Painting Lesson #14

  1. This was great, Bill! I sent a link to your blog out to the OC Illustrators.

  2. Hey Bill… hope you are having a great 4th… thanks for the tutorial… just wondering if you could post a larger image of the final illo.


    • When will the MICKEY AT 60 deluxe book be out?

    • You had mentioned also releasing a book on illustrations of blues players, when would that book be released?

    • When will the Ka-Zar graphic novel be released?……………….KIDDING!!!… just wishful thinking, Bill

    Book recommendation:

    Tony Harris: Art and Skulduggery

    Keep up the great work.


  3. Hi Andy,

    Hi John,
    A larger image will appear on the exhibition’s catalogue cover as well as on the canvas prints I’ll be selling. And it will be a friggin’ huge billboard during the run of the show. Big enough for ya?

    The deluxe Mickey is farther down the pipeline. I’m expanding upon what Jim and I have already done, adding about 29 more pp. Preparing for Comic-Con comes first, though.

    My blues book is still being considered by two different publishers.

    Although I won’t be doing a Ka-Zar graphic novel any time soon (HA!), I am indeed working on an eight page Bruce Jones story for a revival of Alien Worlds.

  4. Very cool news, Bill. A revivial of Alien Worlds, too? I like that idea. That was a great book that had a lot of talent packed into it.

  5. Thanks again for your demo Bill.

    I for one would love to see more of the same!

  6. Thanks so much for doing this! I happened upon this step-by-step late in the game but it is always so interesting to watch the process. The alkyd oils are a great tip.. I never considered them before!

    Thank you so much.

  7. Bill,
    Thanks for posting this demo and your advice on oil paints vs. alkyds. I like how you write about your methodology and how it evolves as the painting progresses.


  8. What are the benefits or reasons for using a sepia color palette vs. using a black/white/grayscale for the initial acrylic painting?

  9. Hi Max,
    Using browns (sepia) instead of blacks & grays gives you a warmer painting as well as one that looks less “dirty”.

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