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William Stout Painting Lesson #12

Menagerie - Near Completion
Menagerie - Near Completion

We’re heading for home plate here.

Menagerie – Warthog, Dodo, Echidna Detail
Menagerie – Warthog, Dodo, Echidna Detail

The warthog gets his due, as does the echidna.

Menagerie – Chameleon & Camel Detail
Menagerie – Chameleon & Camel Detail

With my affinity for reptiles, I really enjoyed painting the little Jackson’s chameleon. The camel was fun, too, as I first explored camel textures when I painted several prehistoric camels for one of my San Diego Natural History Museum murals.

Three more lessons, I believe…

4 thoughts on “William Stout Painting Lesson #12

  1. Looking good Bill!!

  2. Beautiful work as always Bill, and very generous of you to share this painting process with us. My daughter and I will definitely be coming to this show, and we can’t wait to see this painting in person.

  3. Hey Bill, I’m having trouble seeing the Giraffe head against the T-rex.
    Is that just a result of the lighting when you take the photo?

  4. Hi Matt,
    It’s because I haven’t finished those two. I knew at the time that was a problem. Watch how I fix it.

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