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William Stout Painting Lesson #11

Menagerie – Close to Finish
Menagerie – Close to Finish

Progressing toward the finish, I refined the skunk, the armadillo, mandrill, tortoise, hare, manatee, dolphin, dodo, puffin and ostrich.

Menagerie – Skunk, Armadillo Detail
Menagerie – Skunk, Armadillo Detail

I paid more careful attention to the skunk anatomy and detailed out the armadillo and its armor (not as difficult as you might think).

Menagerie – Mandrill, Tortoise & Hare Detail
Menagerie – Mandrill, Tortoise & Hare Detail

I corrected the details of the mandrill’s facial anatomy, intensified the colors and added the highlights to the mandrill’s facial ribbing and nose to make his skin look more glossy. Obviously, I also worked on and finished his fur as well.

The tortoise received his proper skin and shell textures. The rabbit became a hare and I painted light showing through his ears.

Menagerie – Manatee Detail
Menagerie – Manatee Detail

Finishing the manatee didn’t take much work; mostly smoothing stuff out and making sure that the simple details on his face were clear and accurate. Then, I finished the pocked texture of his muzzle.

Menagerie – Dolphin & Dodo Detail
Menagerie – Dolphin & Dodo Detail

The dolphin detailing went pretty fast as well, mostly smoothing his skin out, checking and correcting the facial anatomy and adding the scratches.

The dodo just needed to be more carefully refined and highlighted.

Menagerie – Puffin and Ostrich Detail
Menagerie – Puffin and Ostrich Detail

The puffin finally got his full due with a smoothing out of his body and anatomical attention paid to the flight feathers of his wing.

The ostrich’s facial feathers and neck texture added a veracity to the painting.

As I’m doing all of this touch-up work, I am also adding more white to the pure white areas of the background, trying to make it as opaque and as flat as I can. At the same time, I am looking for ways to lose (soften) edges here and there. This picture’s main weakness is too many hard edges.

Just a few more lessons — we’re on the home stretch!

3 thoughts on “William Stout Painting Lesson #11

  1. Bill,

    I’ve been one of the quiet followers of your posts but I’m speaking up to say this has been a great series! You’ve done your own “Famous Artists” lesson for everyone. It’s been great and I was learning (I want to try your recipe for making your own black!)

    I want to think that this is your rehearsing for finally publishing the “Art of Stout” book that we’re waiting for. Hope so, anyway.


    Andy Mitchell

  2. Hey andy, may I second the motion for an art book but with a change in title
    “Strong Bill, Stout Art” the art of William Stout.
    Yes Bill, I have your illustrated card collection but I want to see your illustrations printed in a larger format on slick paper!

  3. Hi Andy & Tom,
    Thanks for your kind words regarding my work.

    The volume you’re looking for will actually take form as a series of autobiographical volumes, each one on a different aspect of my career.

    I recently finished the text for a book on all of my music-related art, for example (bootleg record album covers, legit covers, CD covers, rock and other music posters, band flyers, etc.).

    I might do an all-encompassing “Best of…” or “Greatest Hits” book as well with bits of everything.

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