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William Stout Painting Lesson #10

Menageries - Still Refining
Menagerie - Still Refining

We’re quickly wrapping things up here as I continue to finish refining more of the animals.

Menagerie – Upper Left
Menagerie – Upper Left Detail

I tightened and refined the bee, bat, cobra, luna moth and hummingbird. I lengthened the wings of the puffin a little (and paid better attention to their anatomy), especially after hearing the same comment over and over (“Do puffins fly?”). Like the other animals in this painting, the puffin has been caricatured. And, yes — puffins do fly. I saw flocks of them flying in Alaska.

Menagerie – Mantis Detail
Menagerie – Mantis Detail

The mantis got a new paint job as well…

Menagerie – Moose & Wolf Detail
Menagerie – Moose & Wolf Detail

…as did the moose and wolf. That wolf may look tight to you at this size but, believe me, in person you’d see that I painted that fur pretty darn loosely. With the moose I made sure his nose was darker than the rest of his face to bring it out. To that effect, I also added some reflected sky color to the top of the nose to make it pop forward even more.

Menagerie – Anteater Detail
Menagerie – Anteater Detail

The anteater received a disapproving eye and more nose detail.

Menagerie – Star-nosed Mole & Weasel
Menagerie – Star-nosed Mole & Weasel Detail

I loved finishing the star-nosed mole and weasel. The re-painting/retouching was nice and simple.

Menagerie – Panda Detail
Menagerie – Panda Detail

It didn’t take much to finish the panda, either. I made sure his black continued to be less black than the chimp’s black and that his white fur for the most part wasn’t really white.

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the 39 animal tunnel…

2 thoughts on “William Stout Painting Lesson #10

  1. I really do like that smile on the hyena!

  2. He makes me smile every time I look at him. I didn’t intend or plan that; it’s just some incidental magic that occurred. Lucky me!

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