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William Stout Painting Lesson #7

Menagerie – Final Sepia Version
Menagerie – Final Sepia Version

Here’s the finished sepia version of the painting. This has all been executed in acrylics so far, by the way. I usually do my lay-ins with acrylic paints. Their very fast, quick drying nature makes corrections fairly easy. I hate that they dry about 10% darker, though, which is why I almost never use them for my finishes.

You can see that I added detail to the bee, the cobra, the wolf, the armadillo, the bat, the luna moth, the hummingbird, the tyrannosaur, the preying mantis, the Jackson’s chameleon, the moose, the sabertooth, the star-nosed mole and the weasel. I also performed my first clean-up of the white background areas.

Although I describe this as the “finished” sepia version, that doesn’t mean the elements within the picture are no longer subject to change. For the most part the appearances of all 39 creatures will, indeed, pretty much remain as they are. A lot of these animals, however, were painted with barely a referral to my research materials. The most glaring example is the mammoth, whom I painted completely from (my faulty) memory. You’ll see big changes in that hairy guy as I make major corrections to its facial anatomy in subsequent steps.

Tomorrow: Color! Oil!

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