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William Stout Painting Lesson #4

Menagerie – Sepia Lay-in Refinement
Menagerie – Sepia Lay-in Head Adjustment

I noticed in the previous lay-in that the heads of the hyena, the sabertooth and the panda are all leaning in the same direction, so I quickly repainted the sabertooth head so that it was cocked at a different angle from the other two.

Now that I am happy with this lay-in, I’ll begin refining it — still in sepia.

Menagerie – Sepia Lay-in Refinement
Menagerie – Sepia Lay-in Refinement

I began the refinement by tightening and further rendering the flamingo, the walrus, the chimpanzee and, just slightly, the cassowary and the Tyrannosaurus rex.

In rendering the chimp and flamingo I looked at Lawson Wood’s work for inspiration (I have a binder I put together that has every cover that Wood painted for Collier’s magazine; I also own several book collections of Wood’s fine anthropomorphic animal pics), as well as posing myself in a mirror for the chimp’s hands (the chimp represents me, after all).

I used photo reference in refining the walrus but for the cassowary and T. rex, at least this far, I just worked from memory. I’ve drawn and painted so many tyrannosaurs (and since this was a cartooned T. rex) that you’ll see I never ended up referring to any reference even on through the finish of this animal.

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