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William Stout Painting Lesson #2

Menagerie – Pen & colored pencil rough
Menagerie – Pen & colored pencil rough

I took a page of my sketchbook and filled it with an 8″ x 10″ (the proportion given to me by the museum) pen and colored pencil rough of the animal painting. I roughed the design out quickly in pencil, then just as quickly inked it, trying to retain the freshness and energy (or what I call “the juice”) of both the idea and the design.

I like working on this light brown toned paper as it allows me to add white (in this case, white Prismacolor pencil) to my drawing. I also darkened areas with burnt umber Prismacolor pencil. This rough was a refinement of my thumbnail (see yesterday’s entry). Here, I’m trying to formalize the design of the picture and my values (dark and light) system. Note that I am trying to have an engaging silhouette that will be easy to read at a glance, especially across the top half of the picture.

I narrowed the list of animals down to about 39. Peruse this piece closely and you’ll see tomorrow that I moved some of these animals around on the final canvas and eliminated or traded out some creatures in the lower half of the picture.

I find the thumbnail and rough part of the process very exciting, as I can tell pretty quickly whether or not I’ve got the potential for a decent picture.

Tomorrow we go to canvas!

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