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Deluxe Hallucinations: Going, Going…

YIKES! The pre-orders for Hallucinations have been pouring in. It looks like the limited hardcover (the ONLY hardcover edition) will be sold out upon arrival (my publisher just told me to expect my copies in three weeks).

Please don’t procrastinate if you’re considering the purchase of a Deluxe edition. A lot of my friends and collectors are kicking themselves for not getting the Deluxe Dinosaur Discoveries before it sold out. It doesn’t look like the Deluxe Hallucinations will be available at Comic-Con; they’ll be sold out before then. There are only a few dozen of the 500 left.

2 thoughts on “Deluxe Hallucinations: Going, Going…

  1. Wow…I guess I got in just under the wire.
    I’m glad the books you and John are putting out are so successful.
    (I’m happy for you and John of course…but, selfishly, even more for me, since it probably means more cool art books to come.)

  2. It’s nice to see Flesk Publications doing so well. John and Randy sure do make fantastic looking books!

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