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Hi Friends and Fans,
I look forward to seeing everyone who attends this weekend’s Rock’N”ComicCon (beginning tomorrow) in my home town of Pasadena. If there’s something special you’d like me to bring, please drop me an e-mail.

Meanwhile, work progresses on what I think will be one of my most important landmark works. It’s the image representing a show on animals in art that I am co-curating for the Forest Lawn Museum. It’s loaded with creatures and is quite whimsical.

As soon as it’s finished, I’ll post a series of step-by-step progress snapshots of this painting so that you can see how one of my pictures develops.

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  1. Sounds awesome Bill (the painting). Can’t wait to see the photos. I really dig the step by step examples, it really gives the onlooker a little insight into the process. Most people know things start off as a blank canvas but only ever get to see the finished product.

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