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HALLUCINATIONS Pre-Orders Now Available!


I have just received an advance copy of both the hardcover and softcover versions of my latest book from Flesk Publications: Hallucinations. It looks stunning! Once again, my publisher John Fleskes and designer Randall Dahlk have done an incredible job.

This full color book gathers loads of my fantasy illustrations. They are all executed in what I call my “ink and watercolor style,” an art technique I learned from studying the works of early 20th century children’s book illustrators Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Edward Detmold, William Heath Robinson, John Bauer and Gustaf Tenggren.

The limited edition hardcover will be the ONLY hardcover edition of this book. It includes an extra full color plate depicting John Carter about to battle a Barsoomian plant man. This edition is signed, numbered and limited to just 500 copies. I expect this edition to sell out even faster than my previous Flesk limited edition of Dinosaur Discoveries. The hardcover is priced at just $30.

Also available is an unlimited softcover edition of the book for just $20.

As an added incentive, I’ll be drawing an extra sketch in each of the pre-ordered books. Order through the William Stout Bazaar on this site NOW!

2 thoughts on “HALLUCINATIONS Pre-Orders Now Available!

  1. Hey Bill…. great to hear about the new collection… will the deluxe version have additional material?

    Also any chance of a coffee table book of your art soon? (I know I have asked you this over the years 🙂

    All the best to you, Bill


  2. Hi John,
    The Deluxe version has the extra color plate I mentioned above. It also has a different full color back cover illustration from the trade paperback edition.

    Instead of a coffee table book, I’m producing a multi-volume set, each book focused on a different aspect of my career. There’s just too much stuff for one book, even if it were huge. I’ve thought about doing a “Stout’s Greatest Hits” kind of book, though, which would be more along the lines of what you’re suggesting…

    Actually, along those lines, if you’ve got my three trading card sets from Comics Images, you’ve already got a compendium of my best work (up until about 1995 or so, anyway) with at least 270 full color images (plus 270 black & white back-of-the-card images). They’re small (card-sized, obviously) but well reproduced. And I wrote all of the text on the card backs — you’ll find out more about me than you’d ever want to know!

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