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San Diego Union Tribune Article

Robert L. Pincus, chief arts editor for The San Diego Union Tribune, interviewed me on my last trip down to the San Diego Natural History Museum. Bob is a great guy with an enormous range of cultural interests. He wrote a beautiful front page article for last Sunday’s (April 25, 2010) newspaper based upon our interview. You can check it out at

Robert must have a near photographic memory. Our conversation touched on so many different subjects, yet his observations remained amazingly precise.

My only correction would be to one of the pull-out quotes. My teaching philosophy is pretty much the opposite of what appears in the article. Here’s how it should have read:

I use the “Chouinard method” of teaching art. That is, I look at what you’re trying to achieve and help you to be better at that. I want you to be the best you that you can be. I have no desire to teach people to mimic my stuff.

Technique is one of the least important things one can be taught in art. It’s also one of the easiest. I began my career as an art mimic. I was known for being able to duplicate any style. I tell my students that style is relatively unimportant, that I can teach them how to do any style in about ten minutes. That’s an exaggeration — but not by much.

Drawing, creativity and problem solving — now those are three important things that are well worth teaching — and learning.

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  1. Thank you!! At the forefront of history’s best painters are great draughtsmen. I don’t think this can be stressed enough. “Kids, turn the computer off and pick up a pencil.” I think I just heard some tighty whiteys being soiled at the very thought.

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