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Hello, New Joizey!

I look forward to seeing all of my Right Coast fans this weekend at the Chiller Theatre show in New Jersey. It’s been six years since I was at Chiller. I can’t wait to see the (new) Dead Elvi!

4 thoughts on “Hello, New Joizey!

  1. Hello, Mr.Stout;
    I Really enjoy your Artwork….By chance, are you a Drummer as well? I was in a Band with a “Bill Stout ” waaay back in 1966…In Thousand Oaks, called “The Sons of Eric”…Well,I had to Ask !!!
    Bil McCombe

  2. Hi Bill, It was wonderful to meet you at the Chiller Theatre in North Jersey tonight. You are a very gifted artist, and I hope someday, I may become as good as you! haha
    Thank you for talking to me about your work both in film and in illustration…I wished I could have talked to you all night but had to go. Thank you for the notecard with your contact info. Perhaps I’ll bug you sometime to learn more about the business if you have the time. God bless, and have a safe trip home!

    Rebecca King Tirrell

  3. Hi Bil,
    Yup! Same guy! Same drummer! I remember your prodigious talent and enthusiasm well; I also recall you being a fellow Yardbirds fan. You are listed in The Heaters family tree that is the centerspread of “The Great Lost Heaters Album!” (Salter Records SR-001) booklet I designed. I misspelled both of your names as “Bill McComb”. For many years I was a “Bil” instead of a “Bill” as well (I found by losing the second “L” of my signature I could shave off enough time throughout the day to squeeze in one more portrait when I was working at Disneyland painting portraits in New Orleans Square).

    Are you still playing? I continued drumming for about a decade and then switched to being a front man/harmonica player. You might recall I played a little two inch Hohner on occasion, a freebie harp I got when I purchased some drumsticks. I’m still in touch with Mike and Jim from the band.

    I just sang and played (with full-sized Lee Oskar harmonicas) this last weekend with my friends The Dead Elvi at the Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey. I expect photos will be up soon (if they haven’t already been posted). I believe there are past videos of me playing with The Dead Elvi up on the net (Google “William Stout” in Google Video).

    I’m swapping a portrait of a close friend’s family for some studio time. I’m planning to record a single in the near future. My friend will be producing and engineering it. I’ll do the cover, of course.

    Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for the kind words; it was a pleasure to meet you, too! Feel free to bug…

  4. What a Trip !!!
    Yes, I am still playing (Again, actually)…

    Ihave 10 tunes posted on Myspace

    I’m Living in Simi Valley, Teaching Guitar, and writing/recording/performing…

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