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What a Monsterpalooza!

WOW! Monsterpalooza had twice the attendance of last year. I saw loads of great old friends (Guillermo del Toro, Rick Baker, nearly the entire cast of The Return of the Living Dead, Mick Garris, The Chiodo Brothers, Taylor White, Shannon Shea, Frank Dietz, Tony Gardner, Bernie Wrightson and loads more!) and made some new ones (it turns out J J Abrams is a fan of my work; I’m honored, J J!).

John Wrightson debuted his Uncle Creepy film at the show. Congratulations, John — ya done good! I saw a cool stop motion animated Uncle Creepy short by my pals, the lovable Chiodo Brothers. They are nearly single-handedly keeping that Harryhausen tradition alive with work that is exciting, charming, funny and full of life. Keep up the great work, guys!

The 25th anniversary of The Return of the Living Dead was celebrated at the show with an hour long cast & crew Q & A, plus a screening of the film’s rare Bloopers reel. It’s not technically a bloopers reel, as a lot of it was filmed and scripted by members of the TROTLD crew for our own amusement. A screening of our little cult classic followed.

I sounded pretty awful throughout the weekend; my voice was shot from so many back-to-back convention appearances (with more lined up this month). Sorry!

The Monsterpalooza show has replaced the beloved Mad Model Party in a grand fashion. Besides being the coolest monster show on the West Coast, it’s extremely well run and organized (Thank You, Eliot!). Don’t miss next year’s show!

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