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WonderCon #2: Dinosaur Discoveries Hardcover SOLD OUT!

The limited signed hardcover edition of Dinosaur Discoveries is now officially sold out! My publisher (Flesk Publications) and I sold our last copies this weekend at WonderCon in San Francisco.

The convention was a huge success with about 35,000 attendees. I roomed with Mark Schultz. Although he is my arch enemy, Mark is a great cuddler. It was great to be able to spend so much time with him, something that’s become increasingly difficult (if not impossible) for me to do with Mark or anyone at Comic-Con. And, he has a great new little book out from Flesk Publications: Blue Book. Don’t miss it!

Our booths (William Stout, Inc. and Flesk Publications) were right next to each other. On the other side of my booth was the ever wonderful Stuart Ng Books. If you have any interest in illustrated books, art books or finely drawn European comics (I stocked up on new Moebius books), then you need to know about Stuart. A passionate art and art book collector himself, Stuart’s prices are very fair and he operates his business with the utmost integrity. Take a look at a sample of what Stuart has to offer on his website:

I want to also publicly thank James (who regularly pitches in for Flesk Publications) for watching my booth whenever I had to leave it and for helping me pack it up at the end (and thanks to Stuart Ng and his folks for helping me to quickly pack up). James, you’re a good guy!

We had some amazing meals up in San Francisco. They were so good I won’t refer to that city as “Frisco” even once in this entry. John Fleskes, Mark Schultz and I had great sushi at MK. A large group of us (including my friend, writer/filmmaker Samantha Holmes) indulged ourselves at The Slanted Door (we avoided the three week waiting list for reservations thanks to Steve, our host). My son James, Bud Plant, John Fleskes and more enjoyed a great meal at Maya (sort of fusion/Mexican). The pork belly tacos and filet mignon tacos were the best pork and beef tacos I’ve ever had.

Mark and I had a series of breakfasts at Mel’s Diner. I particularly enjoyed the company of Jim Silke one morning at Mel’s.

A highlight of the show for me was getting a wee bit of face time with the legend himself, Joe Kubert, when his talented son Adam brought him over to my booth. Joe and I not only share a love for drawing dinosaurs but the same birthday (September 18) as well. We’ve mutually admired each others’ work for years. Joe and I first met at the San Diego Comic Convention in the mid 1970s. Joe just keeps getting better and better. This hard working and talented guy continues to be a real inspiration to me.

I sought out Frank Cho and complimented him on maintaining his high quality output of work and ran into my fellow good lizard man Arthur Adams as well.

Sorry, Howie, you missed a good one! I hope you avoided the bulls!

4 thoughts on “WonderCon #2: Dinosaur Discoveries Hardcover SOLD OUT!

  1. Sounds like you had a great time, Bill! I sure enjoyed talking with you at StellarCon last year. I’m still on the search for the spicy chocolate we talked about.
    Stuart Ng also has a fantastic model of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea that I’d like to see in person one of these days.
    I hope Art can get back to doing Monkeyman & O’Brien one of these days, that was probably my favorite of his various projects.

  2. I finally got a copy of Dinosaur Discoveries — really beautiful stuff, as always. Thanks for continuing to make great art!

    What new Moebius did you get? There’s new Moebius? Is it that black and white Arzach book? Please tell me it’s out in color now. Please tell me it’s out in color now. Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze.

    I am mildy interested in Moebius.

  3. Hi Nate,
    Yes; it’s the black & white book. Only the covers are in color. But the black & white is stunning!

  4. Bummer about the Frazetta art work. I remember hearing about it from you years ago and always hoped to see it. Now it is gone, along with the master as well. so sad….

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