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Fullerton & L. A.

Despite the horrific weather, a good group of folks turned out for my lecture at the Fullerton Museum Center last Saturday night. We all had a great time! I lingered afterward to chat with people, look at the work of a fine upcoming artist and to sign and sell a few of my books. My thanks to the Fullerton Museum Center for coordinating and hosting this event, as well as the CineSaurus exhibition.

The following Sunday afternoon I was a guest at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. I displayed some of my art and signed and sold books there, visiting with lots of people. The weather was pretty nice and there was a huge turnout.

The museum staff I met were quite gracious and extremely well organized. I would love to paint murals for their newly planned prehistoric hall but I don’t know if that is going to happen despite my attempts to get the gig. There is a saying that applies to this: “The prophet walks unnoticed in his own land”.

Meanwhile, I am helping to put together a killer exhibition of great animal art for the Forest Lawn Museum. The show will begin in the fall and carry through to the new year.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the Laguna area, don’t miss my big retrospective at the Laguna College of Art + Design. You won’t be disappointed! The exhibit ends this Thursday.

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