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First Accurate Full Color Dinosaur

In case you missed my Journal posting under “Spectrum”, here’s a link to a National Geographic rotating 3-D depiction the first accurately colored dinosaur:

Amazing! I never thought I’d live to see this!

Will we soon know the actual coloring of a Tyrannosaurus rex?

3 thoughts on “First Accurate Full Color Dinosaur

  1. When I was a kid, I used to loose sleep over this. Dealing with the fact that I’d never know what color dinosaurs were (I guess I was a pretty weird kid)
    But, now… you said, who’d have ever thought this would be possible?

  2. Brilliant huh?

    Amazing that they have 2 now!

  3. Dear Bill,

    The University of Manchester in the UK have been doing some very detailed analysiss of the recently unearthed duckbill muumy “Dakota”.
    While there were no colors on the mummy, cat scans show signs of a striped pattern running the length of its body.

    You may also know that they also did a computer recreation of a Tyrannosaur based on anatomical data they have learned from the duckbill mummy. The scientists at Manchester have had to re-estimate the weight of the dinosaur at about 500 lbs lighter then previous estimates. They have also found that Tyrannosaurs were far more gracile then previously thought, with most of their musculature concentrated in the head/ neck, and legs /hip area.

    Some “scavenger”.

    Looking forward to seing you at Woondercon in April.

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