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Check Out the New Record Collector

Happy New Year!

This is just a quick heads-up for Stout collectors (I know you’re out there…because I can smell your brains!*).

Check out the latest issue of the UK magazine Record Collector (#371, January 2010). On pp. 10-11 there’s an article on my friend, rock photographer Ross Halfin. The spread is not on his brilliant photography, though. It’s on his music collection which includes the largest collection of the original art to my bootleg record album covers in the world. Eight different covers appear fully or partially in the accompanying photos.

Ross also has a few very nice things to say about me and my work.

Record Collector is one of my favorite magazines (along with Q and Mojo); I’m proud to have some of my work included in Ross’ profile.

* The Return of the Living Dead dialogue reference.

9 thoughts on “Check Out the New Record Collector

  1. WS — as promised, a little shoutout to you over at the homepage today.


  2. Cool! That was my first color cover for TMQ. I didn’t have an airbrush yet so I masked everything off and used cans of spray paint to create the background.

  3. I’d been following Ross’ rock band photography for years, especially his photos of Iron Maiden. He’s quite the legend.

  4. I hope some day you’ll do a book with all you bootleg artwork!

  5. Actually, last year I finished the text on that book (my most requested book), a tome that will include all of my music-related work: bootleg covers, LP covers, CD covers, flyers, posters, record shop ads and more. I just need to have all of the visuals properly collected and photographed, then get someone appropriate to write the intro.

    Any ideas as to whom I should ask?

  6. That’s good news! 🙂

    In fact I have to think about who is among the leading experts of cover design and who would be fitting to appreciate your design style…

    In fact it would be fun to get some comment from one of the bootlegged artists. Dylan isn’t accessible I guess, but maybe Richards or Jagger? Or Bill Wyman, who did all the archiving for the group and seems to be most interested in the band’s history.

    Clinton Heylin, who wrote a good book about the “secret” history of the bootleg industry, could also contribute some good writing.

  7. Bill;
    As far as someone writing and intro to that particular book; what about Roger Dean or Storm Thorgerson? Both are repudable in that field! Storm I don’t know personally, but Roger is a very accessible artist, and has done numerous album covers, or perhaps even Stanley Mouse?

  8. Hi Bill,
    I hope you will include the two Beatles covers you did for my books. Those are awesome. Am looking forward to the book.

  9. Hi WilliamLee,
    Bill Wyman made some very nice comments about my “Welcome to New York” bootleg cover in his book collecting cartoons of the Rolling Stones.

    Hi Ed,
    Good suggestions all. Roger is a friend of mine. We keep trying to find projects on which to collaborate.

    Hi Belmo,
    Of course, they’ll be in the book!

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