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TV Week

I was recorded for two different television programs this last week. One will be on national television early next year. The other is part of a large project of historical documentation in one of the areas in which I work. Both were fun!

As soon as I can talk about either of them, I’ll fill you in.

I saw “The Road” the other night. Very good but relentlessly depressing film. The boy looked like his mom (Charlize Theron) but looked too well fed and apple-cheeked to be starving.

I also saw “Bruno”, finally. Yikes! It looked like he had some very close calls…

I’ve been picking up various Richard (“Pirate Radio”) Curtis DVDs to study his writing. He likes to do that Richard Price thing, the emotional sucker punch. He has you laughing , then laughing even harder, when WHAM! he connects with the saddest punch possible to your emotional gut. Or sometimes, the reverse. “Muriel’s Wedding” (written by neither) has a lot of that.

OK; back to work on this Todd Rundgren cover…

2 thoughts on “TV Week

  1. Bill…
    … Todd Rundgren cover?
    Do tell.
    My favorite, but very sad moment in a Richard Curtis film has to be the scene of the broken hearted wife, on Christmas morning played by Emma Thompson in Love Actually. It would be so easy to dismiss her husband as a cad, but he’s just a clueless idiot who is still in love with his wife. Her stoic smiling, demeanor breaking down slowly when she leaves the room with Joni Mitchell’s live version of Clouds playing from the Travelogue disk (that her husband bought as an insightful gesture) was a frozen moment worthy of an Oscar nod.


  2. More to come on covers I’m drawing for Todd and other important rock artistes when I can talk about it….

    No one portrays infidelity with the heartbreaking grace and power of Richard Curtis. Watch The Tall Guy with Emma Thompson and Jeff Goldblum.

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