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Dinosaur Discoveries are IN! Mural Deluxes are OUT!

Yesterday I drove up to San Jose to see my publisher, John Fleskes. He had phoned me the previous day with the news that our new books, Dinosaur Discoveries (deluxe hardbound edition), Dinosaur Discoveries (softcover) and New Dinosaurs A to Z had just been delivered.

I told him I’d drive up the following day to sign the limited hardcover books. It was about a five and a half hour drive. I immediately plunged into signing the books. As soon as I finished, we broke for a nice lunch, then returned back to his place. We loaded up my car with my share of the books. I made it home by 9:00 PM. The drive back took about five hours.

My wife thought I was insane to drive up and back in one day. She tried really hard to talk me out of it. I told her I needed to get my pre-ordered books so that I could ship them ASAP (especially with the holidays looming). She said that could wait. I told her I didn’t know how many of these books were going to wrapped and re-sent as holiday gifts. I explained I always try to put myself in my customer’s shoes and ask myself how I would like to be treated. I know that if I was going to send the books out as presents that I’d want them shipped to me sooner rather than later.

Today, I’m packing and shipping my pre-orders of the book. I’m going to extend the pre-order deal on the deluxe editions of Dinosaur Discoveries (I reimburse your shipping fee) through Friday. I also personally sign ALL of the books you order.

The Deluxe Edition of William Stout–Prehistoric Life Murals is SOLD OUT. A few stray copies are for sale on my website catalogue for $100 each. The Dinosaur Discoveries Deluxe Editions (the only hardcover edition of the book) is selling even faster than the murals book —- and they are fewer of them. If you’d like the hardcover version (with its extra color plate), I’d order NOW. I expect them to sell out before Christmas.

I am so pleased with these new books! John and Randy did a fantastic job of making my work look as good as it could possibly look.

Pre-order customers: When you get your book(s), let me know what you think!

9 thoughts on “Dinosaur Discoveries are IN! Mural Deluxes are OUT!

  1. Wow…I’ve done that drive fom here (San Jose) to there (LA) and back, in a day.
    You are a considerate guy! (especially since it sounds like your trip included both rush hours)

  2. Hi Bill

    I cannot wait to get the book! You’re a hero for doing that drive in one shot.


  3. To Norm:
    My trip did indeed include both rush hours. Fortunately, the majority of cars were rushing (crawling bumper-to-bumper, actually) into L. A. while I was rushing out, so traffic for me wasn’t a problem. I took my wife’s Prius to save on gas; I made it up and back, one tank each way, with plenty of gas left over. I only stopped once each way, both times to pee and to pick up some beef jerky for the road (I’m back on the Atkins Diet, trying to slim down for my TV appearance).

    To Elaine:
    All of my pre-orders (except for one large, complex order) went out today by Priority Mail. Most of the books should arrive within 2 to 3 days, giving buyers plenty of time to re-ship them if they’re sending them out as gifts. Let me know what you think, Elaine! I’m still pretty amazed by the amount of new work I did for this book and the relatively short amount of time it took me to do it. I was really cranking — even for me!

  4. Book arrived today, thanks so much. Love it as I knew I would.

  5. Thanks for going the extra mile, we appreciate it!

  6. I sent you an email but suffice it to say, the books arrived. They arrived a lot faster than I would have guessed.
    They’re gorgeous! It’s good to see you keeping Randal Dahlk so busy.
    Also, the personalized part was flattering and perfect.
    Thanks for the trip in the Way-Back machine!


  7. The package actually arrived on Saturday, but Mother Nature dumped snow on us and I had to wait until Monday to get them at the post office. Knowing they were there is a lot like the kid that peeked around for his Christmas presents and waiting for the day to arrive we he can see them!

    The books look absolutely fantastic! Of all those new discoveries, did you have one that was a particular favorite to draw?

  8. Bill,
    First, thanks for the link. When I was younger I too was a pest. Now I give my professional friends a wide berth (with momentary lapses in sanity from time to time).
    Even my portfolio is collected in a folder full of xeroxes so the reduced images are easier to carry and even easier to view. They’re just as easy to pull away if I notice the interest in my work is lacking or the person looking at it is overwhelmed by other people demanding their attention.
    After reading Josh’s rant I’m trying to find a way to be nice but still apply the over-all message to people who continue to think that because I’m an artist I have nothing better to do than create images for them for free.
    His sentiments reflect my experiences over the years. For years I’ve said -to other artists and those sympathetic to the situation- that no one goes to a car mechanic “friend” and says, “hey, you’re good at this car stuff, how about an oil change, you know, when you have some free time…. today”. I’m being bugged by some to consider adapting their stories into graphic novels for no pay other than some hope that some compensation may be generated down the line. When I start asking for specific percentages of possible royalties they look at me like I’m crazy to even bring that up.
    Ignorance of the process is no excuse and having a skill is not a gift. I worked hard to become an artist.
    And, of course, it is not flattering that they like my work when they have no intention of compensating me for the time they expect me to spend cobbling out their ideas.
    Where did this attitude come from and why does it seem to be focused on people in the arts?

  9. Okay, this was not meant to be in this message response area. I’m not sure how this happened unless I scrolled up by accident.
    Now I feel like my less flattering namesake.

    (aka Rick)

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