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On Randall Dahlk, Designer

Thanks to all of you who have been ordering my new dinosaur books (see previous Journal entry). It looks like the Deluxe Edition (the ONLY hardcover edition of this fine book) of Dinosaur Discoveries may sell out well before it arrives on these shores.

Mention should be made of both books’ (Dinosaur Discoveries and New Dinosaurs A to Z) spectacular design. I design books myself but I’d rather not design my own books. I like a fresh pair of eyes in that regard, someone who can bring something new to the table that I might have missed or that I might not have even considered.

My first man of choice for this job is always the illustrious Randall Dahlk.

Randy also designs the Mark Schultz sketchbooks for the same publisher, Flesk Publications. His superb taste, coupled with his wry sense of humor make him the perfect go-to guy for my book world. I brought Randy in as a graphics designer when I was designing Steven Spielberg’s Sega GameWorks clubs. Randy has an encyclopedic knowledge regarding the history of design. He knows just which eras to pull from as an influence while still retaining his own strong contemporary design sense. He always approaches each new project with the idea of giving it the best, most appropriate design setting possible. Unlike many designers, he never tries to shoehorn one design style into everything that comes his way.

He’s also a funny guy with a great self-deprecating sense of humor. Although he doesn’t take himself very seriously, he does take each design assignment extremely seriously, while still retaining a sense of fun in its execution. I love that he is passionate about my work and his job of providing the perfect setting for my visual jewels (to push a metaphor).

Randy, I haven’t had a chance to tell you how happy I am with your design of my two new books. I was about to call you. Then I thought, why keep my praise secret? The world (or, at least, my little world here in this blogosphere) needs to know of your wealth of talent.

So, here are your praises for all who care to see.

Thanks, amigo.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Mr. Stout. It has been such a joy and privilege, for me to be able to design books containing your beautiful artwork. When the source material is so inspirational, it ignites my passion to do the best work I can.

    I appreciate not only your compliments, but your friendship also. Thank you for your encouragement, and support throughout the years.

    I look forward to the future, and the opportunity to work on more projects with you.

    Yer pal,

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