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Here Comes Comic-Con…!

Fall - William Stout

Comic-Con is almost here! I’ll have a large, never-before-seen batch of fantasy art with me for sale. I’ve included one of my favorites (“Fall”) with this Journal posting. I have a new model that I’m nuts about. We plan to collaborate on a number of works in a very new direction for me. What I call my “fairy tale” or “Dulac/Rackham” work is beginning to take on a deeper and sometimes darker aspect. I also plan to do a series of extreme figure drawings with the same model.

I’ve been feeling complacent lately, and that was really beginning to worry me. I don’t trust what comes too easily to me. It makes me fear that I might be getting artistically lazy or in an artistic rut. I have a need to break new ground within my work: always learning, always pushing that creative envelope.

My fairy tale stuff was getting too facile. I enjoyed doing it, but was concerned by the ease with which I was able to produce pieces in that style. So, I decided to re-examine what I’ve been doing, delve deeper and challenge myself more. I hope you will like the results of this new experimentation and direction.

4 thoughts on “Here Comes Comic-Con…!

  1. Very nice Bill!! I like it and it is a bit different.I’m curious as to what you mean by ‘extreme’ life drawings . I hope you take the oppurtunity to display some of this newer fantasy stuff on your website for those of us who can’t make the trek to SDCC.

  2. You are going to smoke on this new line of work.

    An amazing vibe to it. Look forward to where you take it….

    Thanks for always being so honest and insightful to us your readers. You provide great depth in your observations and it is facsinating to hear what drives and inspires such a creative genius as you.

    : )

  3. By “extreme” life drawings, John, I’m thinking about the kind of territory that Egon Schiele explored. Brutally honest, layered, brave, frankly sensual, sometimes dark, sometimes harsh work that is not necessarily “pretty” but is always compelling.

    I’ve asked my model if she’s free for sessions next week. We’ll see what results. It may take a few days of drawing to stretch into this.

  4. Bill,
    I’m really looking forward to seeing this newer approach.
    For years I’ve been out of life drawing and finally secured a weekly opportunity. So far it’s been a great! A new model almost every week and the sessions are 3 hours and it’s a small group of us. Playing with a variety of mediums from markers to Conte crayons is more fun than I remember. Risky, but fun.
    Your passion for this kind of drawing and the opportunity you provide for other artists inspired me to get back into these sessions as soon as the opportunity to do so presented itself.
    Thanks for the nudge.

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