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Da Movie & Convention Biz

Monsterpalooza was wonderful. It was very much like the old Mad Model Party, but with less of an emphasis on model kits. I hope it becomes an annual event. It was incredibly well-run. I’m going to restrain myself from name-dropping here. I saw a lot of old friends at Monsterpalooza, mostly guys I know or have worked with in the Special EFX and Special Makeup EFX biz.

Let me just tell you that nearly all of my early friends in the movie biz worked either as Special EFX Makeup artists or in Special Visual EFX. My passion for special effects (initially fueled and fired by the original King Kong and the films of Ray Harryhausen) and my knowledge of the genre made me gravitate towards EFX films when I began making my own movies. I quickly became known in the business as a designer with an easy familiarity of that world.

Speaking of my own films, “War Monkeys!” (like nearly every other movie project in this town right now) has been delayed for three or four weeks. It’s been getting really good buzz on the Net. I am going to help try to make this movie as kick-ass, fun and funny as possible. Live, crazed baboons with AK-47s — what’s not to love?!

Too bad about the delay, but on the up side, that gives me more time to prepare for Comic-Con. Is there anything special you’d like me to bring this year? Of course, I’ll have stacks of my murals books, all ready to sign for you. Right now I’m working on a Barsoomian piece to sell at Comic-Con. If I knew how to Twitter, that’s what I’d be twittering.

OK; back to Tars Tarkas…

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