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Just a quick note to thank all my fans, new and old, who showed up for my appearance at Sac-Con in Sacramento. I made the six hour drive by car so that I could bring more of my stuff to display. It was great to see my publisher, John Fleskes, there. Bud Plant was on hand, too, as well as my dear friend Sam Holmes. My brother Dave even showed up!

Sac-Con is a very well run annual comic book convention. They even still sell comics there (that’s becoming a rarity at the bigger shows)!

I’m looking forward to seeing my fans in the North Carolina region this coming weekend at StellarCon. I’ll be bringing lots of copies of my new murals book, both the trade edition and the Deluxe Edition. You get a free sketch in the book with your purchase.

The big Official Debut of my murals book will be on the following Saturday at the San Diego Natural History Museum. The copies at that signing will have an extra plate I designed specifically to be included only in the copies sold at the museum. Of course, while you are there, come upstairs and see the original murals in person!

A signing at Dark Delicacies, the coolest shop in Burbank and the greatest place to get your monster/goth/horror/Halloween fix, follows on Sunday.

See you there!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you down at StellarCon this weekend, I hope the warm weather holds out!

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